Wedding Photography

Most probably the most memorable day of your life. No doubt you have already spent thousands on the preparations, dresses, venue, cake, now most importantly photography.

My social documentary style will ensure that all those fleeting moments and that expensive wedding cake will last an entire lifetime.

Event Photography

Whether you're planning a work party, charity evening, or festival.

My social documentary style will ensure that the atmosphere of the event is recorded in all its glory and ensures that no moment goes uncaptured.

Fashion Photography

Whether you're a design student or a fashion house, my eye for details and creative flair will be the perfect choice for creating images that truly represent your vision.

Get in touch if you're planning a look-book, portfolio or an advertising campaign. I can create the perfect image for your designs.

Product Photography

Online retailers like Amazon, have strict procedures and requirements for images posted on their sites. I am able to ensure your products are photographed to the highest standards to ensure posting is a breeze.

Get in touch if your a requiring catalogues, website imagery. If your a large corporation or if you're a small start-up business. I can help you get the images you need.

Next Steps...

Now drop me an email, or give me a call during normal business hours, I will happily arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your needs